As you enjoy your thanksgiving and you are consuming all those calories, don’t worry about the butter and the milkfat.  The amount of positive information coming out about milkfat is very exciting.  It turns out we knew very little about fat and how it positively affects our bodies.  The amount of beneficial bioactive components in milkfat may lead us to someday be proclaiming that milkfat is definitely milk’s healthiest component.

New research is showing that milkfat can have a positive effect on many of the prevalent health diseases Americans are dealing with today, such as atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, obesity and other metabolic diseases.  Milkfat is also showing positive benefits in the areas of gut health, cognitive and mental development, immune system health and even proving to reduce cancer.

Fatty acids are anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal.  It shouldn’t be surprising because milkfat is one of nature’s most complex forms of fat.  Milkfat has approximately 400 different kinds of fats and fatty acids.  Many people suffer from a chronic yeast overgrowth in their gut, causing a number of health problems.  It generally happens when people eat too much sugar, like a yummy Thanksgiving day meal.  Capric and caprylic acid in milkfat have been shown to have antifungal properties that would help keep the fungus in check. How often have you been told to eat more butter?

One recent research study compared infant formula made with vegetable oils (nondairy) to formula made with dairy.  Unsurprisingly, the children growing up on the formula with dairy and milkfat were more neurodevelopmentally advanced than the ones who grew up on regular infant formula.  Dairy is being found to play a big role in the health of our brain and gut.

If milkfat was bad for you, Americans should be healthier than ever before because consumption is down nationwide.  It turns out the fatty acids in milkfat, the milkfat globule membrane, sphingolipids and an array of other bioactive components in milkfat do have a positive effect on our health and may be just the very thing our bodies need.  It is good news: Dairy fat can do a body good.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING from all of us at AZDHIA!  And have some more butter 😊